Amsterdam-Köln-München vacation is near

I am already in the vacation mood. Just 4 more working days left overall, I can disregard them. Looking forward for the weekend – travel shopping, packing, apartment cleaning, buying the Christmas tree… Maybe Galway Christmas market, if someone is ok with driving me there?…….. )

For now the plan for the vacation is: to land in Amsterdam on 19th early in the morning, to find the awesome hotel that I booked few months ago and to go out taking pictures, shopping, eating tasty food. We will leave Amsterdam in 2 days after and will take a train in Köln. I have big plans for Köln, I have to try the local beer and to climb on top of some church agains my will. Also the Christmas market there seems to be amazing! München is next, we will go there by train again, we won’t have a lot of time there, but enough to look at the Christmas market and to buy some local Christmas decorations. I have plans of bringing some home like I did in the last years to add to my collections )

Found some photos of Christmas Amsterdam that I took in 2009. I am already there, why can’t I have a vacation now?.. (

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  • Charles Smith

    omg, slacker! Who the hell approved your vacation? I think there should be a direct link between the amount of vacation allowed to how hard you actually work… in your case you’d probably only be allowed 1 or 2 days vacation a year!!!

    When do you come back from this Xmas slack-fest?

    • Blackie Warner

      Haha says the guy go goes home every day not a second later than his shift ends. I spent 14 hours at work on saturday and 13 every other day last week ffs.
      I will be back on 28th) it will be a long long vacation at last. 12 days of not checking my work mail and not dealing with whats in it…)