Irish breakfast in the Slattery’s bar, Dublin

I arrived very early to Dublin because of the immigration office stuff. But luckily I was free around 10 already, so I had a chance to try the Dublin Irish breakfast in one of the pubs.

I already posted pictures from that pub, but not the food photos. I liked that pub a lot – it was old (and clean!), very well decorated, with some small details like old lamps or photographs on the walls. The music was great there as well like Rolling stones and Kansas.

The food was tasty, they served fried eggs with beans, which is the way to do it.
Also the thing I like about bars here – when you order an omelette you can ask for any kind of filling and the chef will try to find it for you. Some bars don’t list any filings in he menu, just “ask about what is available”.

This is not related to food, but I just liked the decorations in that pubs – old ceramic bottles, lamps and an old gramophone on the windowsill.

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  • Charles Smith

    Bwahaha, is that a little pile of tired, old looking rocket leaves, next to all the greasy, delicious breakfast? What are they hoping, that it will suddenly become healthy with some leaves on the side? :D

    • Blackie Warner

      I liked the small tomatos on a side actually )
      Maybe they put the leaves there as a decoration? Smth green on a plate?.. )