Night drive in Cork and Bishopstown

It’s really hard to take night photos in Cork. When you are out there on the streets it starts to look normal, that everything is yellow and orange around you (because of the yellow street lights). But then you look at the ready pictures and you are like “omg what the hell is wrong with the white balance”.

Just trust me on that, ok? It is that yellow in real life as well, it doesn’t make a lot of sense trying to fix in afterwards – Cork is yellow and orange and night, and I like it.

It’s good to have a car to drive around at night… I could take the tripod, all the lenses I wanted, small necessary things like a remote, spare battery (which I had to use), filters. I liked it )

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  • Charles Smith

    Aaah, street-lights. The bane of every photography, everywhere! I hate them so much! Great pics though :)

    • Blackie Warner

      Do you have yellow street lights as well?
      In Moscow street lights are white, cause there is no fog on the streets. So night pictures there are decent. But here….. it’s not yellow, its deep “killing all midtones” orange!!

      • Charles Smith

        We have a whole range here – a lot of them are white-ish in parks in Paris, while they’re orange in the car-park outside my place and can be orangey or whitey in different parts of town. Not as bad as the ones they used to have in England… like… literally “bright” orange.

        • Blackie Warner

          Yeah, same here. It’s horrible for the photos, but I still like it to be honest, along with the smell of the smoke from the chimneys – this is what Cork is in the winter, makes it cozy.