Autumn evening in Cork – part 2

Cork is very beautiful in the evening. Yellow streetlights, red heating lamps in the bars, lighting on some buildings. I’ve already posted few pictures of that evening here, so now I’m posting the rest.

I was very brave that night, took my tripod and went out alone. Was really great, I should do that more often, maybe not alone though. On Saturday night the city center turns into one huge party, and just for the sake of safety would be nice to have someone accompanying.

i really enjoyed taking photos that night, even though I wish I caught the heavy fog that I saw in Blackpool on the way home. I will try it next time, the fog here is great, you can’t see anything in 20 meters around sometimes.

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  • Charles Smith

    I hate taking photos in the fog. The other day we had some thick fog and I went down to the nearby lake to get some photos. Was a disaster – the yellow lights were like huge and puffy… really difficult to do it I think :(

    • Blackie Warner

      It depends what you have around – if there are people you can take cool “ghost” photos, in the fog the figures will look differently. Also the light helps a lot, since you use a long exposure you can play with how the light reflects in the fog. Huge and puffy can look nice as well, depends on what is around.