Autumn evening in Cork

I went home on Saturday and there was this deep fog on the streets, and I didn’t have my camera with me. Which was a pure torture. The fog was gone by the time I got home, but I went out anyway with my tripod to take some night photos.

It wasn’t late, around 8 o’clock, streets were full with people (you can see those ghosts on some photos). Some were sitting in the cafes, others started with the pubs. I even met friends who had Opera tickets for that evening. I like Cork in the evening, slight fog from river Lee, smoke from the chimneys in the air… This is the smell of Cork, people miss it badly when leaving Ireland in the winter.

More pictures of that evening here.

This is the restaurant where we had the team outing (the one with an interesting way of serving chicken).

This effect was very unexpected, to be honest I closed the cap and since it was still a little fog the lens got blurred a little. I like it though)

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  • Charles Smith

    First picture is really cool – seems kind of silly that they have Christmas lights up already… same thing here too, since a couple weeks already. Like, wtf, it’s only starting November :(

    • Blackie Warner

      They put on the Christmas decorations like 3 weeks ago on our street. It took 2 nights full of terrible noises ) I am so looking forward for the nights when they will take them off…But yeah, with every year Christmas comes earlier and earlier. I wonder why, there is no Christmas spirit in October at all.