First Cork photos, 2009

Yesterday I had a party with the people who just came to Cork from Russia, and it made me recall my first time in Ireland, so I found first pictures I took in Cork.

Everything was so interesting and uncommon! People were unusual – smiling, saying hi when you pass by on the streets. Food was interesting and new – after discovering “Burger king” I didn’t stop and found some very nice small cafes with Irish food, that I like now.

The way they build houses here was or really unusual with the entrance on the second floor with a long stairs connecting the entrance to the ground, or 10-20 same houses in a row like someone copy pasted them. To be honest, I didn’t know what terraced house was before I came here. I remember I googled something like “housing in Ireland” to find out what detached, semi-detached and linked houses were )

In general the way Cork is built is not something I’ve seen much before – small city center and huge residential areas full with small houses, backyards and lawns.

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  • Charles Smith

    Erm – what the hell? Why do they build the entrance on the first floor instead of just making it on the ground floor? Wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier for building?

    Also – copy-pasta houses… urgh. They’re really common in England too :( So ugly…

    • Blackie Warner

      I dont know why would ppl build exactly the same houses. I know that in some counties its really hard to approve a building plan cause ur haouse should look like ur neighbour’s.

      As for the first one, well, its a duplex. And there is a entrance on the second floor so it looked like a separate apartment I guess. But there are more interesting buildings like that, will try to take a picture of some – like a living area deep in the basement and the entrance door is connected with the “main land” by the bridge)