Dinner at “Luigi Malones”

I was sorting out photos from the team outing (we hired a bus and went shooting to the place somewhere near Limerick) and wanted to post separately photos from “Louigi Malones” – a restaurant that we had dinner in.

I passed by that restaurant a thousand times and didn’t think of going there, but it’s really worth it. It’s a little bit higher class than usual Irish restaurants, and the food is really interesting there. The taste is one thing, though it was really good, but the way they serve it – omg )

One of the guys ordered half of a grilled chicken and they served it hanging on a metal hook! Same as with the grilled meat. Don’t know, maybe I got wild here in Ireland when everything is pretty casual, but it was something definitely new )

Love the background faces )

The desert I had called Knickerbockerglory (ice cream, fruits, cream). Ordered it for the name, but was it so tasty!

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  • http://fiveeurofood.com Charles Smith

    Is the owner’s name really “Luigi Malone”? That’s f’in hilarious if so! I can imagine some Irishtalian hybrid who’s all like “aw-ray mate, scusi, ciao bella, you-z a come to my restaurant for the good craic!”