What to do on a rainy weekend day in Cork?

Suddenly it appeared that I will have 4 weekend days next week. At first the plan was to go to Killarney over night, but since the weather is a total shit looks like I will have to stay in Cork. Though I have some plans already:
– to carve the pumpkin
– to decorate the balcony
– to take photos of decorated houses in the suburbs
– to cook a carrot soup at last (or lasagne…)

Anything else I could do in the rainy Irish weekend day?..

Totally unrelated image – took it from top of the church in the city center. Wanted to try tilt-shift for a long time, and with the tele lens it was possible at last. If it wasn’t that hard to climb on I would do that more often.

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  • http://fiveeurofood.com Charles Smith

    Don’t, like, post how you made the tilt-shift image or anything :( I always wanted to try it but I’m too lazy I think… It looks great though – great subject matter!

    • http://www.blackiewarner.com Blackie Warner

      You should try it, it’s really awesome ) I had to carry a huge lens and heavy tripod to the top of the church tower though, but it was totally worth it. Thinking (just thinking for now) of doing that in Cologne on Christmas. Apparently they have some but tower to climb on.

      • http://fiveeurofood.com Charles Smith

        So what do I do when I’ve taken the photo? Do you need to do any bracketed shots, or is it all from one?

        • http://www.blackiewarner.com Blackie Warner

          it depends. There are tilt shift lenses, that cost a lot of money – I suppose you don’t have to do much with the image in that case after. But if you use a tele lens, you have to open up the aperture to leave as less as possible in focus, and then in Photoshop enhance the effect.