Strange day, strange post

I’m having a tough day and I wanna think of something good. Of vacations, of taking a bus or a plane to some other town or country, of seeing something new, of doing something new. Or eating something new )
This picture I took during the tour through the Burren, it was a walking tour and we climbed all the way to the hill to look down the valley. I wish I were there now…

P.S. Right now my condition can be described with this image:

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  • Charles Smith

    Maybe you should plan a trip to the north of Scandinavia… in summer though. It stays like this through the night. Plus there’s hardly anyone there so plenty of silence ;)

    • Blackie Warner

      Looks really nice…
      I thought of going to Iceland in spring – it must be awesome there… And I wanna see a Blue Lagoon