Torc Waterfall, Ring of Kerry

I enjoy taking pictures of the water. You can leave me with a camera and a tripod near any kind of running water for hours and I won’t even notice how the time passes by. I love everything about it – how the water looks like on the photos with low exposure, how the splatters shine in the sun, how the water avoids rocks and trees on it’s way – everything. Too bad I rarely have an occasion to find myself full equipped near the waterfall.

Those I took on the Torc waterfall, people had to drag me away all the time, I wish I could stay there more. Torc waterfall is located on the Ring of Kerry (An Mhór Chuaird) – a picturesque route on the South-West of the country, 179 km of beautiful views. It’s one of the main tourist attractions, but again – it could be really quiet there.

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  • Charles Smith

    Damn – I wish there was some water-ways like this near my place :( I love shooting water too – especially in forest situations with moss covered rocks and so forth!

    • Blackie Warner

      Hm, there must be something like that nearby, do you have any woods or parks? Or some river?