Getting from Cologne to Munich on Christmas

Anyone knows a good way of travelling from Cologne to Munich on 23rd of December by any chance?… I just found out that train tickets will cost 240e one way for 2 persons, and well, this is a bit crazy.

it’s this time of year again, when I need to get a GNIB card, then Irish visa, then German visa and only after that I can relax and look forward to the vacation. With all this paperwork I could definitely save few trees, but nope, I will print hundred of pages and copies instead.

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  • Charles Smith

    German visa? Because they might… kick you out of… Cork? For getting to mighty Bavaria – do you not know anyone from work who’s driving there? Maybe you can share a ride?

    • Blackie Warner

      Well, I need to get to Munich from Cologne, I don’t think I know anyone who would go there in that time.
      And yeah, I’m Russian, so I need a visa pretty much for everything. I will have to change my passport soon cause I don’t have a lot of free pages left)