Getting ready for Halloween

I am so in the Halloween mood right now. I will be off on 31st for the first time since I’m in Ireland, and I just can’t stop planning what to do. I already have the costume planned, I am thinking of how to carve the pumpkin, and I’m seriously planning on going out to do the trick-or-treating.

In Ireland it must be extraordinary since a lot of people are living in houses, a lot of them decorate their homes and lawns. If you go to the residential area you will see the difference.

I hope to make a lot of pictures as well of course, just need to pick the right time when to go so I could still catch the trick-or-treating part and avoid the heavy-drinking crowds )

This is the pumpkin from last year. When you put a candle inside you will soon feel the tasty smell of the baked pumpkin, which was really nice.

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