Cobh, 2009

i decided to step away from the Russian topic for a little bit, and found my pictures from Cobh that I took in 2009 short after I arrived to Ireland.

Cobh is a small town in 20 minutes drive from Cork. Once it was called Queenstown, and it’s famous mostly because it was the last port of call for Titanic.
There is much more about this town though, for example, according to Wikipedia one of the first colonists of Ireland landed in Cork Harbour over 1000 years BC, that must have been somewhere around Cobh.

But nevertheless, a lot in the town is dedicated to Titanic and to the memory of it’s passengers. In the train station building there is a very interesting museum, and there are also few of them around the town as well.

Lusitania Peace memorial

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  • Charles Smith

    Nice, I should know this as I studied the Titanic at school many moons ago, but do you mean Cobh was “scheduled” to be the last port of call, but of course the Titanic never made it, or was it the last port of call before it left?

    • Blackie Warner

      It was the last port Titanic has seen, I need to rewatch the movie ((