Moscow Ring Road – traffic jam

We were returning back home at around 11 in the evening, and this is what we found. Moscow has three ring roads, this one was once the border of the city and was supposed to serve as a fast track. There have always been traffic jams, but not that late in the evening. We even stopped and I tried to take a picture of it, you can see, that there are cars driving slowly both ways to the horizon.

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  • Charles Smith

    Urgh, reminds me of rush-hour on the Paris peripherique :(

    • Blackie Warner

      Do you have something like that every day as well?

      • Charles Smith

        Yeah, luckily I don’t need to travel in it but when we go to Paris after work for dinner or something we get stuck in it all the time – just horrible. Even around where I live they’re building a new tramway at the moment which is causing huge problems. They’re blocking off massive sections of road and stuff. Big delays :(