That doughnuts

In Soviet times there were no other doughnuts. Only these ones, very thick, deep-fried in oil as a circle sprinkled with sugar powder. In the last 20 years there are more American (?) than Russian doughnuts in Russia – this filled pastry, baked not deep-fried, with some sugar coating on top. But on that exhibition area, ВДНХ, you can buy that old doughnuts, actually that was the reason we went there. They are even called “That doughnuts” to show that they sell good old Soviet stuff )

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  • Charles Smith

    I’d always thought doughnuts should be deep-fried, rolled in sugar – so yummy Screw this american baked rubbish

    • Blackie Warner

      Excatly my thought! Well, when they started selling them it was you know, very exotic and interesting – filled doughnuts, omg. But after some time there were no real doughnuts left around, they were made from this special tasty dough very soft and a bit moist while being crispy outside……………………. mmmmmmmmmmm…..

      • Charles Smith

        Yeah, you don’t often see “real” doughnuts anymore. Usually this boring baked crap. I think I need to make some sometime!

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