Car trip – Hohenschwangau, Alpine road

Hohenschwangau is a small village which is famous for the castle Neuschwanstein. Also its a start for the German alpine road that runs near the Austrian border. I think we picked the perfect time for the journey, it was late May and the clouds were so low that they could easily be a taken for a fog.

I couldnt resist taking this picture – it was so peaceful and quiet there, I see myself living there, coming to this bench in the evening to look at the Alps.

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  • Charles Smith

    Ooh, I’ve seen that church before – nice to know where it is. That’s some great scenery too… Maybe I’ll need to plan a road-trip!

    • Blackie Warner

      U should! Imagine how many adventure posts u could have. Also would be great to have some road-trip recipes)