Irish breakfast in Kilmurvey b&b

It’s been a while since i posted something tasty here, isn’t it? This is a very simple Irish breakfast I had in Kilmurvey b&b on aran islands. Other than that they served a very interesting thing – an oatmeal porridge with a shot (!) of whiskey! Yes, a real shot of whiskey that you can or mix with the porridge or use separately)

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  • Charles Smith

    I hope they used real eggs. Way too many places use “instant” scrambled eggs these days… yeurck!

    • Blackie Warner

      Omg I didnt even know there is something like that. What do they make it of?

      • Charles Smith

        Haha, it *is* real egg, but it’s dried and turned to powder first, and then they just re-hydrate it with milk (or maybe water if they already mixed the powdered egg with powdered milk). I stayed in a goddamn five star hotel in Stockholm and the breakfast there was just amazing, but when I opened up the big pan of eggs I was so sad…. instant. You could certainly tell from the taste :(