Rome, 2011

When I was in Rome this spring I took a lot of street pictures – just photos of the buildings, windows, roofs, walls. It was hard to resist, I think Rome is beautiful in details, and if you look closer you can see incredible things. Like flowers on the roofs of pretty much every building, windows designed to hide the room from the sun. Old lanterns on the streets. I so liked it there, and will definitely go there again. Not when it’s that hot though )

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  • Charles Smith

    Scusi, quattro formaggi?! I’ve never been to Italy – looks nice… reminds me a little of some streets in Paris!

    • Blackie Warner

      Omg you should go! The food there is amazing, so many intersting bread and pasta, especially in the local trattorias. Pizza there is so different from what I’m use to here. In Ireland they have like 10 toppings on the thick dough, and in Italy its 2-3 toppings on a very very thin like paper base. Veeeeery tasty. And gnocchi! You have (!) to go there )