Galway Cathedral

This Cathedral is actually named The Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St Nicholas (Ard-Eaglais Mhaighdean na Deastógála agus Naomh Nioclás). I must admit, it’s one of the most beautiful (and one of the biggest) cathedrals I’ve ever seen. The windows are very narrow, but there are a lot of them, and the pictures on the glass illustrate some parts of the Bible. There is a metal board on the wall explaining which window means what, for example, there are windows illustrating 6 days of creation.

They don’t use electric candles there, but common paraffin candles. They don’t have a smell at all, not like candles in the Russian churches anyway. But it’s still nice to see real candles. Each box with the candles has a space for coins, you drop money there and pick a candle from the basket.

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  • Charles Smith

    Nice stained glass – really blue. I’m surprised – the ceiling is quite low… I was expecting a huge vaulted ceiling!

    • Blackie Warner

      There are few halls, and the highest ceiling is in the main hall, on the first photo – its quiet high.