The Moon on Aran Islands

When coming back to b&b after watching the sunset from Dún Aonghasa I finally had a chance to use my tripod. I noticed a full moon above the island, and it was so bright, that you could see it even in the twilight already. It might be because there are not many lights on the Aran islands, and you can see the sky very clearly. The wind was very strong, but the tripod helped a bit. Though I had to use high ISO because long exposure was not really an option – the clouds were running very quickly because of the wind left from hurricane.

It got darker very quickly, that’s why the color of the sky is different. It was a matter of 10-15 minutes really.

This is how it all started, you can see how bright the moon was.

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  • Charles Smith

    One day, when I live in a place which doesn’t have a sky which looks like the orange light-monster threw up in it I’ll buy a 2x extender or maybe 4x and stick it on the end of my 300mm lens – then I’ll have some great fun with sky photography :(

    • Blackie Warner

      i used sigma 150-500, but yeah, having a tele-extender would be nice… Dont know about a picture quality thought, I’m afraid that extenders influence it a lot.