Pancakes with caviar

This is how we eat pancakes in Russia!

I can’t believe I am going there in 8 days already. My flight is on 2nd in the evening, so I will be in Moscow on 3rd at 2am which is ok. I have so much plans, need to buy a lot of stuff, visit a lot of nostalgic places, meet with friends. And all in 2 days) After that – Igromir, and this is gonna be a lot of fun! I will try to make time and take pictures of the exchibition of course.

(photo from our trip to Novgorod in 2008)

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  • Charles Smith

    I just love the “pop” those make as you burst them against the roof of your mouth with your tongue :D

    • Blackie Warner

      Heh) It’s so easy to buy a good caviar in Russia, but here I dont remember when was the last time I saw it anywhere. I am not used to it anymore, I don’t know if I could ever eat it actually) But I used to love it and I so remember pancakes with a teaspoon of caviar inside……… mmm….