Guinness beef stew – Aran islands

Stout beef stew is something that I tried in Ireland for the first time, and to be honest, this is one of my favourite dishes now. 2 years ago I took a 10 days vacation and traveled around Ireland a bit to try different versions of Irish stews. And the way people cook it heavily depends on the county.

One of my friends asked me to post more about different versions of Irish stew, so I will start with the one that I think is the best in the country – the Guinness beef stew that they serve on Aran islands in the small cafe near Dún Aonghasa.

That stew is very thick, the meat is soft since it was stewed for the long hours before serving. They serve it with mash potatoes and few mushrooms (which I don’t think is very traditional isn’t it?). The main thing there is the taste of Guinness – its very distinguished and adds a little bit of a sweet note to the whole dish.

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  • Charles Smith

    Aaaaaaaaaaah, yeah. My God – perfect autumn/winter food! Beef cooked in stout with mushrooms also makes an amazing filling for a pie – flaky pastry, served with some peas and boiled potatoes… so good :D

    • Blackie Warner

      They sometimes serve the beef stew with some pastry on top – I had it in Galway, I will write a post about it sometime soon. Though I don’t really like pastry or well, bread…. And this stew – thick, creamy a little bit sweet cause of the stout – it’s very tasty on it’s own )

  • Rose Yasonia

    I had this stew at the same cafe and it was delicious! I wish I could get the recipe.

  • Mark

    This looks like a challenge, which I will gladly accept!!To be fair the pic makes me wanna stick my face in that bowl!Looks incredible!!and so think!! :D