Yankee Candle shop in Galway

I can’t help it – I love Yankee candle shops. it’s a company that sells all kinds of candles – small or in glass jars, candle accessories, car and home fragrances. What I like about them – their candles smell naturally, nothing chemical and they don’t stop on usual fragrances of fruits and trees, they made a lot of “mood” fragrances like a smell of a summer day, ocean walk, sea breeze. And more – they have unusual fragrances like a smell of clean cotton, fresh towels and so on. I just love it, they had a shop in Cork, but closed it after some time. In the Galway shop they allowed me to take pictures, so I could share my joy with you ( though my hands were a bit shaking hehe )

When writing this post I found out, that they have an internet shop (http://www.yankee.ie/). It’s nice, but nothing compares to the actual process of choosing new candles in he store…

They sell very interesting candles accessories like ceramic “hats” for the glass jars or small ceramic birds, that you can place on the glass jar while the candle is on.

One of the stands in the shop – they had much much more than this)

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  • http://fiveeurofood.com Charles Smith

    They look nice – I’m curious as to what “Pink Sand” smells like though :D Those “lamp shades” are pretty cool too :)

    • http://www.blackiewarner.com Blackie Warner

      I didnt try pink sand to be honest ) I bought so many of them already, but every time I’m in the shop i find like a hundred more.
      It’s hard to buy good candles here, most of what I’ve tried smell very chemically and ordinary – like apple or strawberry. These candles always have something special – for example they have different apple fragrances for different apple types )
      Dont know, their candles are awesome )