Seal colony on Aran islands

There is a seal colony on Aran islands. It’s one of the tourist attractions, there is even a spyglass on the road to look them up. This time I was equipped with a tele-lens and a tripod, but it was incredibly hard to take pictures of the seals resting on the shore. The tide was low, and I had to install the tripod on the slippery rocks full with hollows, and the strong wind didn’t add any stability. But well, the seal on the first picture saw me suffering and greeted me ))

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  • Charles Smith

    Hah I always think they look so funny.. and they have the unfortunate look of seeming so lazy all the time. Just lying there relaxing, all fat and smooth :D Cool photos, thanks for sharing :)

    • Blackie Warner

      It’s such a pity that I couldn’t get any closer – the tide was low and the ground was covered with wet seaweed like a swamp.

      They look lazy, yup) But its so interesting how they can move when they want to )

  • Doolin2 Aran

    Fantastic, have been looking for photos of the Seals on Aran Islands for ages. thanks for sharing!

    • Blackie Warner

      Thanks for visiting! Well, it’s not easy to take pictures of them, they prefer to hide among the stones. Hope to see them closer one day when there is a high tide.

  • Info

    Aran Info.
    Great photos.

    • Blackie Warner

      Thanks a lot! I will try to get more when I am there, want to catch the high tide next time )