KylemoreAcres spices for lasagna

I usually buy KylemoreAcres spices when I cook lasagna. Their Bolognese mix is amazing, and they totally hide what they put in there. I can smell oregano, pepper and bay leaves, but there are much more. Charles from will totally tell me, that buying ready mix is nooby – well, it is ) But I like it. Unfortunately, their site doesn’t exist anymore, but in Google cache you can find all the range of their products.

You can click the images to see better the description.

And this is how it looks in the end )

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  • Charles Smith

    Instant spice mix? For shame!

    You should just buy those herbs they use themselves … oregano, thyme etc, and keep them in your kitchen! (At least the lasagne looks great though!)

    • Blackie Warner

      I like that mix! And well, I don’t cook lasagna that often to keep spices for it all the time – they will just go bad or I will move them to some deep corner and forget about them (

      • Charles Smith

        Bah – the herbs you use in lasagna aren’t unique to that dish… if you just had some pots of dried oregano etc then you’d use them (or could use them at least) in all sorts of things. Sprinkle them on pizza, put them in bread, other pasta dishes, especially anything with tomatoes… the choices, the choices!

        • Blackie Warner

          I know, I know…. But I have a habit of buying something and forgetting about it because of using it very rarely. Like sushi rice or nori – I bought few packs when I had a change and when I finally decided to make sushi I bought more cause I was not sure if I have it or not – so I ended up with more packs than I needed. I am very sure that the same will happen to the spices ) I have a lot at home, really a lot – but when I decide to cook something I buy new ones anyway cause I am not sure if I have this particular one or not (