Abandoned Cork

If you go up the Barrack street in direction of the Bandon road you will find yourself in the area of empty shops, closed bars, abandoned takeaways. You can see, that some time ago this area was full of life. You will find all signs of a living district, but it’s not. There are some old advertisement on the walls, closed cab services and flower shops – all abandoned.

In some small sidestreet I noticed this painting on the wall of some pub

This is to show the angle of the road – not easy to climb

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  • http://fiveeurofood.com Charles Smith

    Y U NO break in and do urban exploration?!

    • http://www.blackiewarner.com Blackie Warner

      Heh) thanks for the idea, I will try it next time) I was way too hungry back then to think about it.

  • Zeth

    I like “be happy” writing :) but the whole area looks depressing.

    • http://www.blackiewarner.com Blackie Warner

      It’s very interesting there, it looks like post-apocalyptic world a little bit, I think it looks awesome at night, though it’s a bit scary to go there when it’s dark )