Moscow calling!

I might (might!) be in Russia in the beginning of October. This is great news which appeared very suddenly. But I’m all excited and already thinking of millions of things that I will do there in the rare minutes of free time.

This photo was taken by Toby when we were in Moscow in 2010, the smoke and heat kinda killed us and we ran away. I couldn’t take any pictures back then, hope this time will be different!

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  • Charles Smith

    Looking forward to seeing some pics if you go!

    • Blackie Warner

      Thank you, Charles! I’m so excited about that, want to make different posts about Russian food, Moscow traffic jams, the exibition itself and a lot more )) Hopefully it will work out.

  • Zeth

    Congrats! Hope that you’ll enjoy the trip ^^

    • Blackie Warner

      I will definitely try to ))) Maybe you want me to bring you something? Medicine or food or anything else?