St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral – Cork

This cathedral might be the most beautiful in Cork, I’ve never been there till yesterday, and didn’t realize how big and beautiful it is. I wish I had more time to spend there, but I only took few pictures. According to Wikipedia there is an organ with 3012 pipes, I wonder if it’s possible to listen to it in action.
Despite of the souvenir shop on the entrance, the atmosphere in the cathedral is amazing – it’s very dark in there, it has a lot of columns and decorations, so it doesn’t feel like a one huge hall, more like multiple connected shelters. What you can’t feel there is the smell of candles – in Ireland it’s not common to burn the candles in the churches at all.

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  • Charles Smith

    Heh, I’m not a religious guy, but I *love* churches and cathedrals. They’re so old and historic and just everything about them screams “look at me, I’m interesting”. This one looks lovely – reminds me of Chartres Cathedral, although this one has both towers intact ;)

    • Blackie Warner

      I like churches myself, but well, I want to take pictures of all the beautiful things I see, and I don’t feel comfortable taking pictures in churches… Though in Ireland it’s different, in Russia most churches are orthodox and I wouldn’t dare to take the camera out there.

      Chartres Cathedral looks so much alike! Do you know any cathedral in Paris I could visit the next time I am there?

      • Charles Smith

        I know how you feel – the churches here aren’t orthodox but I still feel bad getting out the camera – it always seems … I don’t know … disrespectful in some way. Anyway – cathedrals, yes indeed, and I can recommend some excellent churches in Paris too.

        You *must* check out the churches of St. Germain des Près (and maybe take a coffee at the iconic café “Les Deux Magots” just opposite the square. Sartres and other big french historical figures used to go there a lot!) and St. Sulpice. Make sure you check out the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, if you didn’t see it already – that’s probably one of the most famous buildings in Paris, and right next to the Seine. Also, you can check out the Sacré Coeur on Montmartre if you didn’t see it, that’s very iconic and beautiful inside too. Perhaps the best one though is the Sainte-Chapelle, next to the law courts, just round the corner from Notre Dame de Paris. You might need to pay to go in, and it’s more complicated, because there are security checks and so forth (since it’s right next to the huge police department buildings etc) but the blue stained glass in the upstairs of the church is just beautiful!

        • Blackie Warner

          Thanks a lot, Charles! I was in Notre Dame de Paris, though there were so many people around that I couldn’t really take any pictures. I will visit others that you recommended in spring hopefully) I need to pick the right time, when it’s not cold already, but not many tourists yet. Maybe early march…