Castetownbere, spring 2011

Bere Island (Oiléan Béarra) is a very small island on the south-west coast. There are not many people living there, and the island is mostly covered by sheep and grass. Sheep are totally wild there, I think they only see the human form when they get a haircut.
Castetownbere is a small fisherman town, there is a ferry going to the island every few hours. Once we were in Kinsale which is famous for it’s fish, and found out in one restaurant, that they get their fish from Castetownbere.

The view from the island

Pier in Castetownbere

Local church

Inside the ferry

Lighthouse on the island. Its the whole adventure to get there

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  • Charles Smith

    One day when I’m rich and powerful I’ll buy an island like this and use it as my base of operations for my taking over of the world!

    • Blackie Warner

      You would have to decide what to do with all the sheep ) You could learn how to make felt and become a king of the warm socks?… )