Homemade sushi – the process in photos

Sushi restaurants are pretty much non existent in Ireland. There is a “Dashi sushi” in Cork, but well, it’s more of a take away than a restaurant. The closest thing to a restaurant is “Yo sushi” in Dublin. At first, its a bit of a long way to go, and other than that – its more of a cafe with moving belts of food all over the hall. I will post a picture sometime later )

Making sushi at home is a lot of fun, you can choose the ingredients of your liking and make as much as you want. I must warn that some cooks might not call it a sushi at all – don’t care) Its tasty!

One thing to mention – they don’t sell salted fish in Ireland for some reason only smoked. So I had to salt it myself, since smoked salmon in sushi tastes really bad. I took 1kg of raw salmon, 2 spoons of salt, 1 spoon of sugar, mixed it all and rubbed in the fish from both sides. This fish spent 3 days in the fridge, we turned it from one side to another 1-2 times per day to make it even. On the 3rd day it was ready )

Ingredients for the sushi:
Sushi rice (it has to be special, very sticky when boiled up)
Rice vinegar (to give the rice this sushi taste)
Dried nori sheets
Salted fish (in the plastic container on the background)
Philadelphia cheese
Soy sauce
Bamboo mats to ease the rolling

At first I peeled cucumbers and avocado and sliced them

Sliced the fish

The actual process starts. I put the nori on the bamboo mat, spread the rice all over it in a thin later. You have to wet your hands all the time to ease the process. Also you need to leave about 2cm of uncovered nori on top to seal the roll. After that I placed the ingredients like that

When you roll, you have to squeeze it tight so the roll would not be loose. That’s why it’s easier to do with the matt – it helps to even the pressure for the whole roll.
After it’s done you will have the rolls ready. Here comes the testing part – when you cut away the “tails” you can as well eat them )

Leave the rolls aside for some time to settle and cut them with a very sharp knife into portions.

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  • http://FiveEuroFood.com Charles Smith

    Great looking sushi :D

    • http://www.blackiewarner.com Blackie Warner

      Thank you, Charles ) I am thinking of making hot rolls, but need to sort out the frying process ) Maybe you should try and gimme tips? )

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