Karlovy Vary, 2010

Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) looks so much like a Soviet resort, it’s hard to realize that it’s actually in Europe. I think, there are more billboards in Russian than in English on the streets. Life is slow there non regarding the amounts of tourists. Streams of the mineral water are everywhere, just buy a special ceramic cup to drink hot water and you are sorted. It reminds me so much of Kislovodsk – the atmosphere, the park, the resort spirit – all there.

This is the building that was used in “Casino Royale” movie as a casino. I didn’t find a mentioning of it in wikipedia, so I looked up the movie – looks the same

Scene from a movie:

In 2010 we were there in spring, the weather was even chilly, and the town showed not only the tourist side, but the casual life as well

Waiting for the tourists to arrive

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