Cork at night – part II

Nightlife in Cork starts around 9-10pm, people go out and start with their first pint in the first pub for the night. By midnight the streets are full with party people searching for another pub to hang in. I heard stories of guys changing 17 pubs in one night! The drinking speed must be extraordinary, considering that all pubs and night clubs in Ireland finish their work before 2.30. Irish people have a theory that if the bars stayed open longer – the country would be in ruins pretty quickly.

Streetlights in Cork are mostly yellow. It makes the view really unforgettable, but makes it hard to pick the right white balance ). I suppose the yellow color makes it easier to spot the fog coming from the river, but it could be something else.

When I took this picture, I was standing with a tripod on a sidewalk, a Garda car stopped by, they asked me if I am local and advised me to be careful with the camera in this hour. Then they wished me a good night and took off. I am still not used to that attitude coming from the police,, but I’m getting there. Yesterday in Dublin I saw 2 Garda guys in ammunition buying ice-ceam and having a hard time picking the flavor :)

This is the Cork City hall. Main Garda station in somewhere close on that side street behind the building

Church on the river Lee

I posted few other pictures from that drive yesterday as well

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