One Sunday in Cork

Last Sunday I decided to take my camera for a walk around the town. Since it was a weekend, a lot of shops were closed. Before noon you can’t really buy anything in Cork at all :). I had an argument lately with one of my friends on a subject if Cork is a small provincial town or a center of a life. Neither of us had a strong opinion on one of the sides though, since Cork might be a small town comparing to Moscow, it’s still a center of a life for people living along the South coast. Here are few pictures for you to decide )

The color of the Irish sky can be scary, you never know when it starts raining, and the sky doesn’t always warn you like back then:

I just love this building on the South Mall street with the office on top of the stairs. Must be nice to work there, taking the stairs every morning with a cup of coffee…. or a tea.. )

Small sidewalk near Oliver Plunkett, you can even find a sushi bar there, though to be fair, I miss Moscow sushi bars and nothing can replace them (

And this is Oliver Plunkett street, 2 kids are playing “Sex on fire” in the corner of the Vodafone shop.

Few more pictures:
1. Just a common door, I like how they decorate the mailboxes in Ireland.
2. Sweets shop on the Oliver Plunkett. They sell pretty much everything – fudge, chocolate, marmalade and even Christmas canes.
3. One restaurant menu. i liked the handwriting, the menu itself looks delicious as well)
4. Closed English market. Scary place, but it’s the only place in Cork where you can buy fresh meat, fish and something exotic like French cheese.
5. Old map of the French Church street. There are no shops like that anymore, but still you can see it on the side wall near the Ulster bank.
6. One small cafe in that area – I wanted to take a picture of the heater on the wall, it might look like a lamp, but it gives mostly the heat.

On the way home I stop by Marks&Spencer to buy something to eat. On Sundays the stores are nearly empty, people do all the shopping on Fridays usually, so by Sunday there is nearly nothing left. M&S sells mostly ready food, taking pictures of the sausages)

Almost home.

Aaand here we go )

Thank you for reading it!

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