Somewhere in Beara Peninsula

There has been too many city shots here lately, I miss the sea ( I am not sure where I took this one though, it should be somewhere in Beara Peninsula in 2013.


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Cork city

Took this one a week ago, was driving home and couldn’t help it, it was too cool to miss.


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Supermoon in Crosshaven

In the end of the day it hit me that this will be the last supermoon for 2014, so I thought I shouldn’t miss it. Took a closer photo as well, will post it later )


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Times Square lights

Technically this is not Times Square, but you can see its lights ahead. I went there in my first night in NY, tho no photos can describe how magnificent the Times Square really is (
I chose this photo cause it reminds me so much of the winter time in NY…


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Sunrise in Cork

This is something I posted many times on my Instagram and it’s time for it to crawl into my blog as well. Sunrise as seen from River Lee )


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