Sunset in Roches Point

Finally got out in the evening to take some photos. I think the new camera backpack adds points to willpower, it fits everything I need and is ready to go )
Took this one in Roches Point. I had plans for the full moon, but cloudy weather did not allow that (

Sunset in Roches Point Cork Ireland

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On the way to Linz, Austria

Took this one last winter early in the morning in the train from Cesky Krumlov to Linz. It was a great trip )

Ghost Austria

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Russian scaber stalk

It took me a while to figure out how “подберезовик” would be in English, but “scaber stalk” seems about right )

scaber stalk

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Curious squirrel in Central Park, NYC

The squirrels in Central Park are absolutely shameless in general, this one seemed more curious than others tho )


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Crohane Lake

Even though the walk to the Crohane Lake is challenging, it’s totally worth it. Such a quiet place, totally in the middle of nowhere, beautiful and peaceful.

Crohane Lake Kerry

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