Curious squirrel in Central Park, NYC

The squirrels in Central Park are absolutely shameless in general, this one seemed more curious than others tho )


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Crohane Lake

Even though the walk to the Crohane Lake is challenging, it’s totally worth it. Such a quiet place, totally in the middle of nowhere, beautiful and peaceful.

Crohane Lake Kerry

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Enchanted forest, Crohane

Hiking sites describe the route to the Crohane Lake as “a strenuous but rewarding walk”. Even though it is definitely rewarding, the uphill route will take you through the woods climbing over some fallen trees with occasional knee deep dive into the local swamps. Definitely an adventure!

Crohane Kerry

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Fota gardens in IR

Gave infrared photos another try on the weekend, at least it worked with Canon 5d mark II, wasn’t sure about that )

(If you are reading it via email and you don’t see a photo – please click on the post name, I am working on fixing it for now. Thank you!)

Fota IR

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Baltimore Beacon

Some daylight, summer and sun for a change ) Took this one on the ferry back from Cape Clear last weekend.

Baltimore beacon

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