Seagulls on the cliffs of the Old Head of Kinsale

I took these photos in January actually, but well… you know ) But better late than never, so posting a couple of seagull photos that I took early morning on the Old Head of Kinsale.

The reason I went there was to take photos of the sunrise, but it’s not the best place for it to be honest, the sunrise is hidden behind the hills and you can only catch the color of the sky, which is nice anyway.

I am thinking of going back there with a proper lens, cause it was quite fun to hunt the birds (in a photographic way).

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Inchydoney beach

I guess it’s about time to write a new post!

It’s been a while since I went somewhere to take photos. To be honest it’s been a while since I took photos that I thought I should post. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just want more from them I guess.

But well, anyway, I have to start sorting out my archives for the last couple of months, so I will post photos I took last weekend at the Inchydoney beach near Clonakilty. It must be crowded in summer, but now in February the freezing cold wind kinda scares away all the tourists. It scared me away too, but I will be back with warmer clothes for sure )

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Happy New Year!

I wanted to post something epic about the New Year, but I’m running around in panic trying to cook all the hundred dishes I have planned for today.

But I wanted to stop by and wish you all a happy New Year, may your wishes come true and may the coming year bring you love and joy and happiness.

С Новым Годом! Желаю всего самого хорошего в наступающем году, радости, здоровья и счастья )

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House of Waterford Crystal

Since I haven’t posted a lot lately I have loads of photos saved, so they should cover my blog posts for the next few months at least! )

I will start with few photos from Waterford where I visited the House of Waterford Crystal. I’ve been there a couple of weeks ago, stopped by out of curiosity and literally couldn’t make myself leave the showroom. A camera plus a room full of crystal is a deadly combination. There are so many photo opportunities, I could spend there the whole day and wouldn’t even notice the time passing by.

The crystal items in the showroom are all different, very beautiful, and look very fragile )
There are some really expensive items and affordable sets, surprisingly. Haven’t bought anything though, thinking of going there closer to Christmas to get a decoration piece for my tree.

It’s a pity the factory was closed for visitors that day, I would love a tour to see the production process. But maybe next time )

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Aran islands on Instagram

It will be an big post where I wanted to gather in one place all Instagram photos that I took during my 4 days vacation on Aran Islands this October. I know that some of you will hate me (hey, Charles), but please bear with me )

I had a great time there and without a doubt will go there again. It was nice to spend more than two days on Inis Mór, I could see the whole island with no rush, watch the sunrise and the sunset from Dún Aonghasa, take photos of the waves and much more. Loved my b&b as well, stayed in Kilmurvey house as I did in the previous years, it’s one of the best ever.

I got photos from my camera as well, haven’t sorted them out yet though. But I wanted to post something anyway, so here we go )

Sunset and sunrise at Dún Aonghasa:

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